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James Bond Island (and Other Exotic Stories)

Some places inspire in you all kinds of stories. When you find out about them, you feel like they’ve been there from the time when no man set foot on them yet. They were whispered by the wind that blows between the rocks, until some old man with a long tongue heard them and passed them on.

For example, have you ever heard of Khao Phing Kan? What about Ko Tapu? These are some places in Thailand, but you will surely have already forgotten their names by the time you read this line all through.

Let me tell you the story, and by the end of it you’ll want to go there. Or at least you’ll have a story to pass on for yourself.

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Star Wars Theme in 18 (More and More Surprising) Versions

Some films begin with such memorable songs, that once they get into your mind, you can’t get them out of there. Well, if only those math formulas would get in there so easily as well…

From James Bond to Pink Panther, I could go on enumerating several themes that get you instantaneously in the mood. But topping the list is the main theme of “Star Wars”. Even if you have been living “in a galaxy far, far away”, you couldn’t have missed its notes. Every single movie in the series begins with it.

Sometimes it’s referred to as “Luke’s Theme”, in a probably desperate attempt to give it a proper name. And that because in the original orchestral score, it bears the most ordinary name possible: “Overture”.

If you are a musician, you can get really frustrated for not being able to compose a similar piece of music. Instead, you can play around with it, transform it, give it a personal touch.

What can we get from that? Let’s listen to some different versions!

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All about James Bond (Classified Information Included)

If you haven’t been living on another planet, you must have heard about James Bond. He is the most famous secret agent in the world. (What a paradox!)

He is the nightmare of all villains. He’s always dressed to the nines. Women fall for him quicker than you can say “007”. But besides that, what do you really know about him? I bet not that much.

He is a mysterious character, but you wouldn’t be too surprised if you saw him in the flesh. He lives on the border between fact and fiction.

Let me introduce you to a more humanlike James Bond. I’ll give you plenty of lesser known details, which are surprisingly interesting. (But you didn’t hear about them from me. I care about my life.)

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Star Wars is a Comedy (Here’s the Proof!)

Intergalactic journeys. Spacecrafts. Life and death confrontations.

You’d say that the Star Wars movie series is full of drama (as it would suit best a science-fiction masterpiece).

With all due respect (’cause I like them too), I’d say that those movies are nothing but a great comedy. And I’ve got the proof. Actually, there is plenty of evidence! Let’s take them one by one…

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The Music of James Bond – The Complete List

James Bond is not just a character. The concept proved itself to be a huge success. And why wouldn’t it be, after mixing together sophisticated secret agents, beautiful and intelligent women, action, mystery, fascinating places, beautiful cars…

But do you know one other thing that makes a movie unforgettable? A good theme.

Sometimes the theme is so great that it sticks in your mind. You may utterly forget about the movie itself, but about those bars – no way.

Let’s make a chronological incursion through ALL the music themes from the James Bond movies! We shall see how many of them you can recognize. You are in for some big surprises! (How about a very well-known hard-rock tune?!)

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