Star Wars Main Theme

Star Wars Theme in 18 (More and More Surprising) Versions

Playing the piano – Eric Levine

The piano is such a versatile instrument that nothing seems to be impossible for it, no matter what piece of music raises a challenge to it.

Nevertheless, the transcript made by Eric Levine and his interpretation are surprising thanks to their unaffectedness.

Playing the guitar – Kelly Valleau

Kelly Valleau arranged the “Star Wars” theme for classical guitar. It’s perfect for playing it for your girlfriend under her balcony. Until you hear that deep voice saying: “I’m her father…”

Playing the ukulele – Colin Tribe

The main theme from “Star Wars” is – in principle – a military march, a battle hymn. By contrast, to hear it played on ukulele it’s downright hilarious.

But this didn’t stop Colin Tribe from doing it. There is nonetheless something “heroic” about his version, as he confides: it was recorded on a scorching day.

Playing the harp – Amélie Guiboux

When harp notes are played, the angels descend from the sky.

But when Amélie Guiboux interpret the “Star Wars” theme, you expect only some Jedi Knights to come down on Earth.

Playing the electric guitar – Sylvain Cloux

The truth is that the instruments with metallic sonorities are better suited to the “Star Wars” theme.

Sylvain Cloux thought it likewise and – interpreting Darth Vader in his spare time – he took his electric guitar and put together a metallic arrangement. Heavy metal.

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