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Jim Carrey – the Comedian Who Has Something Profound to Tell You

Let’s say that you are at a crossroads in your life. You feel like you could use the help of someone, who will clear your mind. You knock on an office door. You enter and sit down comfortably, waiting for your savior to come.

And here it comes. The one and only…

Jim Carrey!

OK, you can wake up now. Was it a dream or was it a nightmare?

Probably, Jim Carrey is the last man on earth you would expect to get advice from. He’s such an oddball!

But, if you put your preconceptions aside and think about it for a while, you might find some arguments in his favour. This man has made more money out of nothing than you’ll ever do. He has worked together with big names in the field of arts. He has been with several hot chicks that you admire only from a distance… He sure knows something that you don’t, doesn’t he?!

On 24th May, 2014, Jim Carrey held a speech in front of the graduates of the Maharishi University of Iowa, United States. This is a special higher education establishment, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the father of transcendental meditation. Those who study at this university learn, apart from the usual courses, ancient Hindu techniques of spiritual development.

Let’s find out what Jim Carrey told the young boys and girls who were at the beginning of their careers – plus some extra annotations that put you a little more into perspective…

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7 Ways in Which You Can Have a More Resting Sleep

Resting is not just a pleasure. It is essential for our health and living a harmonious life.

Of course you sleep. Even if you didn’t want to, your body still gets its rest.

But sleeping is not enough for being actually rested. How many times have you awaken with fatigue in your bones? This is a major problem for the modern man.

The quality of the sleep makes all the difference. But that’s not an easy thing to get. Many researchers have beaten their brains out to find out the secrets of a more resting sleep. Don’t you think it’s about time you found them out, too?!

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20 Small Pleasures That Can Make Your Life More Beautiful

We live in a world that is filled with offerers: holidays in exotic places, amusements parks where you can spend your entire day without getting bored, all kinds of sports, concerts and festivals you can buy tickets for long in advance, movies that keep you breathlessly stuck to your seat for even three hours, video games in which you can enter but don’t want to get out of – and many others.

Should this be good or bad?

What’s for sure is that this chase after more spectacular pleasures casts a shadow over the small pleasures of life, the ones so simple that we tend to quickly lose sight of them.

I say we do them justice. And for that, I made a list. Will you have the pleasure of seeing what you are missing?

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8 Major Benefits for Your Health When You Love (Depending How!)

Like anyone else, you want to be as healthy as possible. You read a little something; you find out about something else, and you try to do only what’s best for you.

You know that processed food is full of additives. You tell yourself that is best to avoid it. Just when you have switched your diet to vegetables and simple, basic products, you hear them say it’s best to buy their bio version. Not that you wouldn’t want to, but you have some existential questions when it comes to the price.

And you also found out that exercise is good for your health. Not just moving your butt out of the car to the office, but a real, actual workout. But, when do you have time to go to the gym? You barely manage to scroll all the way down to your Facebook timeline!

What would you say if I told you that there is actually something you can do to improve your health, something that costs you nothing, that doesn’t take you much time, and that it’s actually quite nice? Here is a little magic lesson…

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7 Essential Ideas for Adolescents (Including My Daughter)

Every human being can be modelled. Just like play dough. The exterior pressures lead to transformations. But they have to be given the “green light” on behalf of the interior. This doesn’t always happen consciously, but it would be better this way. That’s when you take over the reins.

Every age is important in its way, but adolescence is essential for designing your future. Life has taught me that you should write down your ideas when they come to you, before the fly away. So, I’m writing them now – particularly that you might find them of good use.

If you are now living your magical years of adolescence, I am aware that you don’t like “to be told” what to do. (Who does?!) But I would be glad if you thought about what I have to say, to filter my ideas through your reasoning. You can say that I’m right, or you can say that I’m wrong. (Yes, you can!)

If you left adolescence behind… Did you really?! Adolescence is somehow forever present throughout our life, be it only in a small proportion. But it’s enough to enliven the adolescent within you. Or maybe you have adolescents around you…

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