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69 Crazy Wedding Dress Ideas

All little girls dream of their wedding day. When they’re little, their fantasies start running around the groom, who, with no exception, is the spitting image of daddy. As they grow, their interest for the groom (who in the meantime can be someone else but daddy) moves in the background, totally eclipsed by the dress that will turn them from young princesses into queens.

Why is the wedding dress so important? Why does it become the center of gravity of the whole event? As this occasion allows her to live her dreams in the most ostentatious way, to shine more than ever, to focus upon her all the admiration of the entourage, and to reflect afterwards in all the splendor of her appearance.

When it comes to the model, any brides’ imagination irrupts. She begins to search, to find inspiration, to do permutations and combinations of n taken by k with different parts in different styles, ransacking and rummaging the huge virtual catalog in search for the unique, original, beautiful, expressive, challenging model… you name it, in one word, the perfect dress!

But sometimes fantasy goes beyond limits, crossing over the sacred and ceremonial perimeter of the event itself and soaring toward the unfenced areas of extravagance. Disproportionate, amazing, funny, or simply ridiculous, I present below a list of craziest ideas for wedding dresses, that you wouldn’t even imagine.

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6 Types of Footwear Worn by Men along the Centuries

When it comes to shoes, women are always in the spotlight. Men, on the other hand, are simple, all the way from their tops down to the tip of their shoes. It’s enough if it covers their feet, as long as it’s necessary and, at most, shines on special occasions.

But was it always this way? What do our ancestors have to say about it?

When curiosity pushes you from behind, you need to know. That’s what happened this time. And it didn’t take too long for surprising things to show up…

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7 Fashion Shoes for Women from Centuries Ago

We have shoes with heels high as standing cats, fine sandals, and boots growing higher and higher. As seen on yesterday’s movie stars, high heels and gorgeous shoes last for some generations now. But what did our ancestors wear to impress men?

Actually, the traditional footwear of some nations is based on some natural science knowledge. Furthermore, despite the fact that the majority of them are as down-to-earth as they could be, you could find some geographical and historical elements within them.

There’s another very interesting aspect that can be seen when studying shoes (I feel like Polly McShane dealing with Lithuania and its spoons). If you take a look at each pair of shoes, they would seem very distinct and a difficult fit in the end. But if you take an overall look at all of the footwear, you’ll notice that they’re very similar to those of neighboring nations, other countries of the same continent, or you could recognize some similarities in nations from other continents.

Moreover, did you know that some century-old footwear was adapted and are underlying the ordinary summer flip-flops?

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Rio Carnival – the Biggest Party of the World

Your neighbors make you a scandal for having a party with 20 decently dressed people.

In the meantime, somewhere in the world there is a party that lasts four days, gathers millions of people, the life and souls of the party are almost naked, and yet no one bangs on the pipe, nor the door. What is it? The Grand Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – this party is held annually.

What happens to those neighbours who want to sleep? In this case, they leave the city. (Really!)

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