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Concetta Antico – the 100 Million Shades Painter

Every day something wonderful happens to you: you can see. And not just see, but see in color. You get used to seeing, to such an extent, that you don’t even ask yourself about how many colors you can actually see. Let me tell you, so that you can sleep well tonight: up to 1 million shades!

If you find this number impressively large, you should know that there are people – usually, women – that can distinguish 100 times more shades than a normal person. They are called tetrachromats – because, instead of three, they have four types of photoreceptor cells.

Nobody knows how many tetrachromats are in the world, but they do live among us. But how come we don’t hear much about them?! Because not even they know what they are. It’s hard to tell that you are actually perceiving more shades than others around you.

One more thing: the brain doesn’t pay attention to useless things. It has the tendency to simplify all that is of no interest. No matter how many shades of colors your eyes may record, the brain won’t analyze them unless it’s necessary.

Concetta Antico is a tetrachromat. Moreover, she is a visual artist since childhood and a long-experienced Art teacher. You got it: she works with color on a daily basis! In a nutshell, she enjoys the optimal conditions of perceiving as many colors as possible. Something that is truly rare to find.

Curious to find out more, we did some talking. A discussion which, of course, shall be presented to you in the following lines…

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Jim Carrey – the Comedian Who Has Something Profound to Tell You

Let’s say that you are at a crossroads in your life. You feel like you could use the help of someone, who will clear your mind. You knock on an office door. You enter and sit down comfortably, waiting for your savior to come.

And here it comes. The one and only…

Jim Carrey!

OK, you can wake up now. Was it a dream or was it a nightmare?

Probably, Jim Carrey is the last man on earth you would expect to get advice from. He’s such an oddball!

But, if you put your preconceptions aside and think about it for a while, you might find some arguments in his favour. This man has made more money out of nothing than you’ll ever do. He has worked together with big names in the field of arts. He has been with several hot chicks that you admire only from a distance… He sure knows something that you don’t, doesn’t he?!

On 24th May, 2014, Jim Carrey held a speech in front of the graduates of the Maharishi University of Iowa, United States. This is a special higher education establishment, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the father of transcendental meditation. Those who study at this university learn, apart from the usual courses, ancient Hindu techniques of spiritual development.

Let’s find out what Jim Carrey told the young boys and girls who were at the beginning of their careers – plus some extra annotations that put you a little more into perspective…

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Robert Campbell – What It Truly Means to Keep Your Word

When is the last time you gave your word and didn’t keep it? I know, your intentions were good, but something came up, etc.

My father had his principle:

When you say something, make it happen.

And so he did. It stuck in my mind and I’ve been trying to apply it ever since. There are many times when others expected me to make a promise, which I never did or promised less than expected – because that much I was sure to be able to keep. Usually, this approach of mine was not understood. Even though I did more than I had promised. But I continue to believe in my principle.

I’m fascinated by every story about people who keep their word. Just like the one I’m about to tell you. It’s an astonishing lesson to remember every time you make a promise.

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Mother Teresa: Love Begins at Home

On 11 December 1979, Oslo – and the rest of the world – was still under the impression of the event from the day before: the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Peace, a prize bestowed upon Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

As it was accustomed, Mother Teresa was delivering a speech that day at the Oslo University. This is an occasion more important than the awarding of the prize itself, because the laureate has the opportunity to express his or her points of view upon a particular matter, and has the possibility to communicate a message to the world.

Since then, the world has evolved economically, technologically, socially… But the majority of the issues raised in that speech are still fundamentally valid even today. Beyond the small verbal stuttering of a woman who was not a native speaker of English, beyond the delivery of a speech which was not coherent at all times, beyond some opinions which might differ from yours, there are some passages speaking about life which simply touch your soul. Largely, the speech is a sequence of parables. But not like the ones skillfully made up by wise people. These are some actual life-experiences with which Mother Teresa encountered on a daily basis. Life-experiences that are painful, but happy in the same time.

I should better let you read the transcript, with notes which bring some extra information…

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Heidi Klum – The Queen of Halloween Parties

Halloween is a horror celebration – some of us take pleasure in those funny scares, while others are terrified at having to go through all of this yet again. The fact is that it can’t be ignored.

Essentially, Halloween is a religious celebration; All Hallows’ Evening (the Evening of All Saints). It has been celebrated for centuries in many parts of the world. Those who have departed from us, be they well-known or lesser-known, are commemorated. Sometimes with great sorrow.

Only that, in the United States, things have turned out to be quite different. It gradually transformed into a funny celebration. The best occasion to make fun of all those scares, demons and everything that haunts us (literally speaking more or less).

The dress-up part is one of the best parts of Halloween. Many people really seem to enjoy it. But nobody does it better than Heidi Klum. This woman has taken dressing-up to a whole new level. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see for yourself…

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