Heidi Klum Halloween

Heidi Klum – The Queen of Halloween Parties

Halloween is a horror celebration – some of us take pleasure in those funny scares, while others are terrified at having to go through all of this yet again. The fact is that it can’t be ignored.

Essentially, Halloween is a religious celebration; All Hallows’ Evening (the Evening of All Saints). It has been celebrated for centuries in many parts of the world. Those who have departed from us, be they well-known or lesser-known, are commemorated. Sometimes with great sorrow.

Only that, in the United States, things have turned out to be quite different. It gradually transformed into a funny celebration. The best occasion to make fun of all those scares, demons and everything that haunts us (literally speaking more or less).

The dress-up part is one of the best parts of Halloween. Many people really seem to enjoy it. But nobody does it better than Heidi Klum. This woman has taken dressing-up to a whole new level. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see for yourself…

Who is Heidi Klum?

Heidi Klum in her first day of school

In the old German city of Bergisch Gladbach, a little girl was born on the 1st of July 1973, named Heidi.

If your mother is a hair-dresser and your father, the executive of a cosmetic company, you can easily imagine that as a girl you have all the data you need to look as smooth as possible. Despite that, Heidi wasn’t crazy about modeling like most adolescent girls.

Heidi Klum at 13

However, by the age of 18, she was so beautiful that her friends were trying to convince her to participate in a beauty pageant, leading to her success in “Model 92”. Out of 25 000 candidates, she secured 1st place on the 29th April 1992. Bam! A contract of $300 000 dollars!

She just graduated from high school and signed the contract right away.

One after another, she innocently featured on the cover of great fashion magazines. She worked with several well-known photographers. She was also a well known body paint model for the famous artist, Joanne Gair.

Cut out for success

In 1999, Heidi Klum became the first German “angel” from Victoria’s Secret. And this status lasted for 13 years. She even took the lead at festivities for the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2002, 2006, 2007 and 2009.

Heidi Klum in 2003

Between 2007 and 2011, Heidi Klum was on the list of the highest-paid supermodels drawn out by Forbes, securing the 2nd and 3rd position, with earnings up to $20 million a year. She didn’t even meet the usual requirements for a model: she wasn’t slender enough and she had breasts that were too big. Not that anyone bothered by that!

Heidi Klum is an intelligent woman. She became a model because she could make good money out of it but also because she liked to be in the spotlight. When she put an end to her modeling career, she proved that she could do a lot more than just that!

She was a host and a jury member in the contest show “Germany’s Next Topmodel” for 10 seasons. She won an Emmy Award for the “Project Runaway” show, which is also produced by her. In 2013, she became a member of the jury for the TV show “America’s Got Talent”. It’s a well-known fact that Heidi Klum is a great host in every event, from a small party to a big gathering of celebrities.

She is also a fashion designer, having lines for women’s and men’s garments, underwear and swimming suits, shoes and jewels, fragrances and cosmetics. As a visual artist, she also has several works that are admired and well appreciated. When she gets bored, she makes an appearance in a movie or two, or records some songs.

Among all of these facts, she also had 4 children between 2004 and 2009. Yes, she gave birth four times while she was a supermodel!

Heidi Klum pregnant
Heidi Klum in bikini

Heidi Klum loves all children, not just her own. She has organised many charity events recognised by the American Red Cross 1)Heidi Klum shines in angelic gold and white dress to accept Crystal Cross Award from American Red Cross” by Christine Rendon, article published in Daily Mail on May 18, 2014 and UNICEF 2)Getting ready to play dress up? Heidi Klum goes smart as she accepts award for charity work ahead of her annual Halloween bash” Paul Chavez, article published in Daily Mail on October 31, 2014.

Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party

To recap, we have:

  • a beautiful woman, who loves to be in the spotlight
  • a bold woman, who has no problem in being as eccentric as she likes
  • a fashion designer, with great experience in the field
  • an artist, who also likes body painting
  • a frolic and humorous person
  • a mother of 4
  • a celebrity, who makes use of her name to raise money for children-oriented charity events

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but when you combine all of these elements, you get the ideal person for a Halloween party!

Heidi Klum noticed it too. So since 2000, she has organized the Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party– a charitable event. If you want to attend, you just have to know exactly when the tickets are put on sale and to have something around $10,000 for admission – that’s the price of a ticket.

To make sure that the event is receiving all the necessary attention, Heidi Klum gets dressed-up every Halloween. Do you think that she rents some pretty little costume to get away with it easily? Think again! If you haven’t seen Heidi Klum at Halloween yet, you haven’t seen much about this celebration in the first place. She wasn’t called the ‘Queen of Halloween’ for nothing.

  1. 2000 - A doll for bad boys

    The first edition in 2000 was of smaller proportions. That’s how it all begins.

    Heidi Klum made her appearance in a latex dress, with a gothic look. Do you have anything to comment on?

    Heidi Klum 2000
    Heidi Klum 2000a
    Heidi Klum 2000b
    Heidi Klum 2000c

  2. 2001 - Lady Godiva

    In 2001 for her Halloween party, Heidi Klum rented the Lot 61 Club in New York. Her appearance was spectacular, on horseback, resembling Lady Godiva. Well, sort of.

    If you don’t know the legend, let me tell you the shortest version of it. Lady Godiva, being a merciful soul, kept praying for her husband to ease the taxes of his tenants. Since the nob didn’t want to comply with his wife’s request, to make her pester him no more he told her that he would do that when she was to ride naked on the streets. Lady Godiva took it literally. She announced the local people to stay inside and shut their blinds, because she was going to do it. But Lady Godiva was a very beautiful woman. Peeping Tom couldn’t help himself, so he peeped through a little hole in the blind. When Lady Godiva passed by his house, stark naked, covered only by her long and blond hair, a curse fell upon him: Peeping Tom got blind.

    Therefore, Heidi Klum cheated a bit. Of course, so that no one gets blind.

    Heidi Klum 2001
    Heidi Klum 2001a
    Heidi Klum 2001b
    Heidi Klum 2001c

  3. 2002 - Betty Boop

    Do you remember Betty Boop? It’s true that Heidi Klum has curves, but she is not as curvy as this cartoon character. Still, with a spell of magic, it was done.

    You’ll say that Betty Boop is not a Halloween character. But, if you look carefully, this time she has vampire teeth.

    Heidi Klum 2002
    Heidi Klum 2002a
    Heidi Klum 2002b
    Heidi Klum 2002c

    Among those who attended this edition, the most prominent was Karolína Kurková, a colleague of Heidi Klum from Victoria’s Secret.

    Do you prefer the original or you would choose Heidi’s?

    Betty Boop
    Heidi Klum as Betty Boop

  4. 2003 - The Voracious Alien Girl

    On October 31st 2003, Heidi Klum arrived at the party by flying saucer. A golden girl, the alien made peace signs but how can you trust those teeth? She surely wants to eat you alive. (Though I think many guys would have taken that risk!)

    Heidi Klum 2003
    Heidi Klum 2003a
    Heidi Klum 2003b
    Heidi Klum 2003c

  5. 2004 - The Red Witch

    Starting with the fifth edition, the party established itself as a tradition. On October 31st 2004, at Marquee club in New York there flied the Red Witch, carrying a 20kg skeleton on her back. (It must have been the emotional baggage.)

    The flight wasn’t quite that smooth – the mechanism got stuck and Heidi Klum remained… up in the air 3)Why Heidi Klum was almost kept out of her own Halloween party” by Hardeep Phull, article published in New York Post on october 31, 2015. If she had rode a broom like any other witch, things would have been completely different!

    Back then Heidi Klum had just started a relationship with Seal, the famous musician. She enticed him too into her “madness”, her lover becoming the Phantom of the Opera. (Sometimes men complain about not knowing what kind of witch they were dealing with, but Seal can’t say that.)

    Heidi Klum 2004
    Heidi Klum 2004a
    Heidi Klum 2004b
    Heidi Klum 2004c

  6. 2005 - Vampire Girl

    Happy Valley is a desolate town in the state of New York and rumor has it that you can visit here to come across ghosts, aliens, and the like. By chance or not, on October 31st 2005, Heidi Klum made her appearance as a vampire girl, fluttering her wings at Happy Valley club, New York City for her annual Halloween party.

    And because she didn’t want people to say she has no heart, she put it on display so that everybody can see it.

    This time, Seal was the policeman who took her into custody. He handcuffed her and questioned her all night long. (They got married a few months before.)

    Heidi Klum 2005
    Heidi Klum 2005a
    Heidi Klum 2005b
    Heidi Klum 2005c

  7. 2006 - The snake from the Garden of Eden

    In 2006, the party moved back to Los Angeles at SBE’s Privilege club.

    Heidi was 8-months pregnant. But still she couldn’t miss the Halloween party for such a trivial matter. She put her creativity to work and thus resulted one of her most original costumes ever seen.

    Seal was… Eve. So funny, it serves him right if he ate from the forbidden fruit.

    Heidi Klum 2006
    Heidi Klum 2006a
    Heidi Klum 2006b
    Heidi Klum 2006c

    But getting to the party was quite an adventure. At the last moment, they realized that Heidi was so big, she couldn’t even fit in a jitney. Luckily for them, they managed to find a convertible 4)Why Heidi Klum was almost kept out of her own Halloween party” by Hardeep Phull, artic;e published in New York Post on October 31, 2015.

    At the party, Heidi realized that it was impossible for her to sit down 5)Why Heidi Klum was almost kept out of her own Halloween party” by Hardeep Phull, article published in New York Post on October 31, 2015. Or to prop up at least. You can imagine how horrifying it is for a woman in such an advanced stage of pregnancy to stand up all the time. Halloween at its best!

    The party had already made a reputation for itself and the guest list included celebrities like Minnie Driver, Rhona Mitra, Alyssa Milano, Elisha Cuthbert, Paris Hilton, Lauren Woodland, Jennifer Gareis, Lena Gercke, and many others.

  8. 2007 - Nightmarish cat

    October 31st 2007, Los Angeles, The Green Door Bar. This time Heidi was a cat. We’ve seen cat costumes but nothing like this one. It was hand-painted and looked as realistic as possible.

    This cat seems very nice but velvet paws hide sharp claws and judging by her teeth, the chances for her to jump at your throat are pretty high. If you have donated for the children, you are surely to get away unscratched however.

    Seal was not available that evening. Because she didn’t want to be considered a stray cat, Heidi wore a pendant on which it wrote “IF FOUND PLEASE RETURN TO SEAL”.

    Heidi Klum 2007
    Heidi Klum 2007a
    Heidi Klum 2007b
    Heidi Klum 2007c

  9. 2008 - Kali

    In 2008, the party came back to New York, 1 Oak club. The atmosphere here is more favourable for getting naughty.

    You heard about Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and time? It was her that Heidi chose to represent this time around and she had Seal by her side, as Genghis Khan.

    (I know that this whole story should be a horrifying one but I guess it is even more horrifying for the mothers because they only have two hands).

    Heidi Klum 2008
    Heidi Klum 2008a
    Heidi Klum 2008b
    Heidi Klum 2008c

    Among the guests were the fashion designers Christian Siriano and Austin Scarlett, Pink, the famous singer, and actor Kyle MacLachlan.

  10. 2009 - The raven

    The 10th edition of the Heidi Klum-ish Halloween party was held on October 31th 2009, at Voyeur club in West Hollywood.

    Have you ever seen a raven that gives you so many mixed feelings?

    Heidi Klum 2009
    Heidi Klum 2009a
    Heidi Klum 2009b
    Heidi Klum 2009c

    As it was to be expected, the party abounded in celebrities with the likes of Jessica Alba, Eliza Dushku, Jessica Lowndes, Kelly Osbourne, Selita Ebanks, Paris Hilton, Kayla Ewell and Nina Dobrev.

  11. 2010 - The Robotic Alien Girl

    For the 11th edition, Heidi wanted to rise to the occasion. Literally. She was nearly 8.2 feet tall for the event that was held on October 31th 2010 at Lavo Restaurant in New York City. Her Transformer costume was designed by Martin Izquierdo, famous for his wings from the Victoria’s Secret shows.

    Seal too was out of this world. He came to the party as Silver Surfer. Even packed with muscles, the sturdy guy was nothing more than a little boy beside her.

    Heidi Klum 2010
    Heidi Klum 2010a
    Heidi Klum 2010b
    Heidi Klum 2010c

    Heidi looks amazing- but how can she use the toilet?! That’s a mystery fit for the Twilight Zone.

  12. 2011 - Anatomy and monkeys

    In 2011, it was a double party.

    On October 29th, a special event took place at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas. Heidi skinned herself for her children, literally. But still shocking! There are some medicine students who would have studied better if they had seen her.

    Heidi Klum 2011
    Heidi Klum 2011a
    Heidi Klum 2011b
    Heidi Klum 2011c

    Then, on October 31st, the Halloween party was held at PH-D Lounge at Dream Hotel in New York City. Heidi and Seal were from the Planet of the Apes. You can imagine how they were aping all night long!

    Heidi Klum & Seal 2011
    Heidi Klum & Seal 2011a
    Heidi Klum & Seal 2011b
    Heidi Klum & Seal 2011c

    This party was crammed with models like Doutzen Kroes, Kate Upton, Christine Teigen and Jessica White. To have to choose who you are dancing with- that’s a real nightmare!

  13. 2012 - Cleopatra

    In 2012, Halloween really was horrific! I’m not joking. That’s when hurricane Sandy hit the North-Western part of the United States. And it was devastating 6)Superstorm Sandy: Facts About the Frankenstorm” by Tim Sharp, article published in Live Science on November 27, 2012. Heidi Klum announced that the party is suspended out of respect for those affected by the hurricane.

    Still, she couldn’t just break with tradition. That’s how Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party took place in… December. Without Seal (because, to everyone’s surprise, they had broken up), but with Santa instead- when have you ever seen him at a Halloween party?

    Heidi Klum dressed up as Cleopatra. Her unique make-up was done by Bill Corso (an Oscar and Emmy winner for best make-up artist). The party was held in New York and all the the funds raised were given to those in need due to the events of hurricane Sandy.

    Heidi Klum 2012
    Heidi Klum 2012a
    Heidi Klum 2012b
    Heidi Klum 2012c

    Don’t you think that Heidi Klum bears a surprising resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor when she played Cleopatra in the famous homonym movie from 1963? Or maybe Liz came back from the dead for Halloween…?

    Elizabeth Taylor - Cleopatra
    Heidi Klum - Cleopatra

  14. 2013 - A 95 year-old woman

    What does a very beautiful woman fear most? Old age.

    Heidi Klum faced this “monster” with humor. On October 31st 2003 she made her appearance at Marquee Club in New York completely changed. She looked like a 95 year-old woman. How did she do that?! It looks so incredibly real, there’s surely a skeleton in the cupboard! Anyway, the transformation was so realistic, that she had to prove she really was Heidi Klum in order to be allowed to her own party 7)Why Heidi Klum was almost kept out of her own Halloween party” by Hardeep Phull, article published in New York Post on October 31, 2015.

    Heidi Klum 2013
    Heidi Klum 2013a
    Heidi Klum 2013b
    Heidi Klum 2013c

  15. 2014 - The butterfly

    In 2014, for the 15th edition of her Halloween party, Heidi Klum thought of something big. She made her appearance at Tao Downtown club in New York City as a… butterfly.

    Maybe you think that there is nothing more ordinary than dressing up as a butterfly. All the girls do it, ever since they are in kindergarten. But wait until you see Heidi!

    Heidi Klum 2014
    Heidi Klum 2014a
    Heidi Klum 2014b
    Heidi Klum 2014c

  16. 2015 - Jessica Rabbit

    Do you know the charming Jessica Rabbit? Despite the name, she is not a female rabbit. But if you do have rabbit blood in your veins, she might seem the ideal wife for you. At least that’s what Roger Rabbit thought (and not too much), the male rabbit from the great comedy “Who Framed Roger Rabbit“.

    Heidi Klum impersonated this “femme fatale” on October 31st, 2015 at the Halloween party taking place in Lavo club, New York City.

    Heidi Klum 2015
    Heidi Klum 2015a
    Heidi Klum 2015b
    Heidi Klum 2015c

    And because she didn’t want to be all by herself, there were many other beauties of the moment who attended the party, such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Lowndes, Emily Ratajkowski, Lindsay Ellingson, Nina Agdal, Gigi Hadid and many more!

    Do you prefer the cartoon character or the living thing cut out from the animated movie?

    Jessica Rabbit
    Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit

Let’s draw the line here

Let’s carry out an attention test: how many times did Heidi Klum wear contact lenses at her Halloween parties?

If you noticed that she did at least one time, that’s good.

What I’m trying to say is that she pays very close attention to detail when she works on her appearances. Everything is well thought out and flawlessly put into practice, German style.

Heidi Klum took a simple, old game and made it into art. This is an amazing example for what it means to do something up brown and wholeheartedly.

And not just once. Every single time.

She had a lot of fun and at the same time she did so much good for so many children in need. She has a special approach to “trick or treat”.

Which one of these would you choose?

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Article written exclusively for Miratico by Lucian Velea
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