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Top 20 Beautiful, Famous, and Incredibly Smart Women

Clearly, it is a great advantage to be a beautiful woman. The doors open easier in all your paths. You get attention, which is increasingly difficult to obtain today.

Beauty is so desirable that it created a huge industry around it: clothing, shoes, cosmetics, fitness. In other words, much of the beauty can be bought. And largely, beauty is superficial.

Beauty, as appearance, steals the eye. Even the mind. When you see a superb girl, you don’t stand and ask yourself: “Yes, but is she smart?”

If a woman uses her beauty, her other qualities are secondary. Maybe just her artistic talent could prevail. Because talent is evenly matched by physical beauty. They are all part of the same attention game.

There are many prejudices about beautiful women. In some cases, maybe they are correct. But sometimes you happen to find out more about a celebrity and you realize that you got the wrong impression. “The dumb chick” is smarter than you. A lot smarter. Here are some examples…

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What, Exactly, Does Being a Shaolin Monk Mean?

Let’s face it, it’s hard to separate truth from legend. Shaolin monks appear to be part of a miraculous world, a world where everything is possible and human limits are exceeded at every turn.

Yet, what does being a Shaolin monk mean? Can every ordinary person make those amazing moves? Do they take some magic dust, something cooler than your multivitamins? Or is it only a result of special effects for the show?

It’s not like in the movies, but these people really reach some impressive performances. Let’s see take a quick look at what their lives are like!

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Shaolin Monks – Between Legend and Reality

It’s very hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of the Shaolin monks. Just ask, some will hasten to say “karate” and then they will correct themselves and remember that, actually, it’s kung fu. “Same thing, right?”, others will smile, “it’s about a good fight”, after which they will mention Bruce Lee and will give you examples of even newer films like “The Matrix“. (Remember Neo? His fighting techniques were “uploaded” from a computer directly into his brain.)

We continue the survey. The religion of these monks is a more difficult attempt: “Hm, a religion in Asia…” – some will say. “Something Japanese” – others will fail to guess. Some will guess it’s Chinese; but with a little help, will reply quickly, “yes, Buddhism, I am sure.”

And behold, slowly, the details of the lives of these legendary characters will charm with their spell any group fascinated by the mysterious warrior monks.

I will get you acquainted with this world, born in the temple on top of Shaoshi, Sacred Song Mountain, temple that took part of the name of the mountain, “Shao”, and the suffix “Lin”, which translates into the woods. Shao-lin Temple. With its renowned monks.

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Albert Einstein – 21 Ways in Which You Don’t Know Him

Albert Einstein was, undoubtedly, a revolutionary scientist. His name has become equivalent with brilliant intelligence.

I’m sure you’ve heard about him discovering this and that. And that he said all sorts of smart things. But what do you know about the man Albert Einstein?

You realize that an extraordinary physicist must also have been a special man. But you have no idea how many funny things can be found in his biography. Here are just some of them…

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Nicholas Winton – The Young Man Who Saved 669 Children from Death

Have you seen on the news how someone saved a child from death? You surely felt admiration for a person like that. And you surely rejoiced from the bottom of your heart for the child.

Think about how it would feel if you were that person. You just saved a kid from an outcome that could have proven fatal. Your heart beats like a drum – you’ve done a good deed. You didn’t do it for the fame, but since you still did it, your pride grows a bit from watching how those around look at you.

But how would it have been if you hadn’t saved only one child, but many more. Hundreds. Let’s say 669 kids. Well, if by saving only one child, the entire press writes about you, at such proportions you should become renowned and the entire world should know about you, right? Cause, let’s face it, not even Batman saved so many lives.

Such a thing happened to Nicholas Winton. Only that almost no one knew about it. The children and their families never had the chance to thank him directly. He saved them and that was it. What do you think? Here’s a true story with one of the most moving endings.

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