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Kim Ung-yong – Proof That Being a Genius Isn’t Everything

Did you know that wildling tribes ate their opponent’s brains for the same reason that we, civilized people, go to school? Exactly: to become more intelligent. They thought that after such a meal, cleverness would emerge and, in time, they would improve their methods of killing their enemies. Consequently, they had more brains at their disposal and became smarter! But that proved to be just a story. People realized that intelligence is either acquired or existent from birth. And you don’t need to be extremely smart to realize that!

This was how school appeared. This institution, agonizing and boring, had to prove its results. Were you becoming smarter by going to school? How could you prove it?

The first attempt was made by measuring one’s actual head circumference. Results were uncertain, either due to lack of precision instruments, or simply for the obvious reason, the skull does not expand as easy as the brain increases its volume.

Until one day, one of the smartest men applied himself a face palm and went off to invent the IQ test.

But enough with the stories; in what’s following, I’ll tell a true story about intelligence. One with a twist that you would never imagine.

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What Steve Jobs Told the Stanford Graduates

Do you remember how you felt at your graduation? No matter how you slice it, it’s a memorable moment. Even when you graduate from kindergarten.

Some are lucky enough that, in such an exciting moment (i.e. just when the mind is more receptive, as a psychologist would say), they get to listen to the speech of an important guest. Someone who really has something to say. Someone who can influence their evolution.

This happened in 2005 when the graduates of the prestigious Stanford University in California had the privilege to listen to Steve Jobs. At that time, Mac devices were back after passing to OS X a few years earlier, and iPods were on the roll.

Looking back, Steve Jobs’ speech was an anthological one. And time passing gives it different shades. Here he is – with annotations that will surprise you…

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Olga Murray – from Her Childhood in Transylvania to Nepalese Children

Have you ever heard of Olga Murray? No? Understandable, she’s not a star. Nor a rich business women. She is just a retired old lady.

You’ll say that you have better things to do than read about old ladies, even about nice ones.

But I will let you in on a secret: Olga has super-powers.

She can’t fly like Superman, nor climb on walls like Spider-man. But she does something that not even superheroes consider easy: she changes mentalities. And not for some people, but for a whole country. Maybe even more.

Marvel at how a retired woman, instead of resting under Florida’s sun, decided that it would be better to change the lives of generations.

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Simon Morris – the Levitation Man (with a Lit-up Floating Lightbulb)

Science has found many ways to achieve levitation. It’s still astonishing, even when you realize how it’s done. And yet, you wonder why we don’t see this more often?

That’s the same question Simon Morris asked himself. So he decided to make it his life’s goal to bring levitation to you. How you ask? Wait and see…

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Sister Cristina – The Voice of Joyful Existance

Some people have a clear path in their life. Maybe it’s a talent that makes them able to let their inner feelings speak out. Or maybe it’s their relentless call towards doing something. It’s said that some of them have talent. Or mastery. Or even genius. Or maybe just a spark that ignites them.

You’re human and, consciously or not, you seek your own path. And it’s really something when you feel you’ve found it. You can consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

But what do you do if you feel your inner calling luring you on paths unexplored by anyone before you? If you don’t have the courage to break the walls of social constraints, you separate yourself from a part of your being and follow the flow of some artificial routes, always living with the sense of being half of what you are, and not enhancing your capabilities. Or, if you have a strong heart, simply destroy all obstructions in the world and let your soul follow the unifying stream of life.

That’s what took place one spring on The Voice of Italy.

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