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Top 10 Pranks on Teachers (the Last One is the Icing on the Cake)

When I was in high school, I had a naive neighbor that used to be the target of my little pranks. One morning, for example, she asked me why my parents accompanied me to school almost everyday. I answered, with a serious look, that I was running around playfully with a classmate during our break, when suddenly, I had a colossal collision with the teacher and she ended up with a broken leg. To avoid other “casualties”, I was thus guarded in shifts at my school by my parents. The neighbor… actually believed me. The truth was, however, of a less complicated nature: we all used the car because the family wanted to reach their destinations quicker.

In college, I started doing even more pranks. I actually hit the nail from the first one: I managed to “scare” my family, classmates, friends – old and new. The reality is, I was in a long-distance relationship. Based on this fact, I spread the word that I was getting married. Everyone took the bait, including my family. My parents had a very bad opinion about their “future son-in-law”, so the cruel fate separated us between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But on the day of the cancelled “wedding”, as a continuation of the prank, my ex called me to wish me a long-lasting marriage.

From then on I stopped doing pranks. Today I’m using April Fools, however, to announce the wackiest plans for my future, hoping that everyone will take it as a prank and no one will become hysterical enough about it to try and virtually stop me.

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8 Women Who Really Know How to Take the Engine by the Horns

When it comes to women and engines, you imagine a girl sitting in the back. She may be just an accessory to the motorcycle, a trophy won by the leading male. Legend says that sometimes the accessories come to life and lead their own motorcycles. Surprise, some even surpass men in some respects.

Perhaps you’re thinking of how many female motorcyclists you saw on the street. However, there were few. But how many female moto champions have you heard of? How many girls riding on bikes impressed you? You have no idea of how many things the fair sex is able to do!

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Lars Andersen – 20 Ways in Which He’s Better with a Bow Than Legolas

Films for teenagers are full of lasers and other oddities that stick to you, can pass through the strongest shield, can change your molecular structure, or turn your brain into jelly.


But one day, a story appeared on screen from fantasy times. A ring, whose bearer gains evil strength, must be destroyed. “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was the one who broke the monotony, and I’m sure that it was liked by all: children, adults, elderly. Many walked out in love with the beautiful elf, others laughing at the funny dwarf, but I think most of them went home and dreamed that night of how arrows flew from the bow of Legolas, the young elf, handsome and extremely skillful in battle. Legolas was shooting arrows like no other. He was shooting at close range and from a distance. He was shooting from running horses, while on foot, and even while jumping. He was shooting in every way possible, reaching multiple targets. Without fail.

I’m sure that you asked yourself, “can a normal man reach such performance?” The answer is here.

He has a Danish name: Lars Andersen. He is the Legolas of today, man in flesh and blood, not a fictional character. He shoots with a bow in a style that would make him accepted in any “Brotherhood of the Ring” – in the idea that the heroes of Tolkien’s great stories were real in our time. (However, we expect heroes because there are so many “evil rings” to destroy.)

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Rio Carnival – the Biggest Party of the World

Your neighbors make you a scandal for having a party with 20 decently dressed people.

In the meantime, somewhere in the world there is a party that lasts four days, gathers millions of people, the life and souls of the party are almost naked, and yet no one bangs on the pipe, nor the door. What is it? The Grand Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – this party is held annually.

What happens to those neighbours who want to sleep? In this case, they leave the city. (Really!)

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Wim Hof – How Long Can You Resist the Cold? (Longer Than You Think)

When I was little, I competed with friends in holding our breath underwater. One of us, who had an underwater clock – the envy of all – was timing us. Because fatigue interfered, it was almost impossible to beat your record on the spot, especially in the same day. Then winter came and we could not improve our records.

So one of us invented a competition to see who could keep their finger in a glass of ice water longer. I took out ice cubes from the freezer, filled up a glass with water, and we placed our fingers in the water, watching one another intently. I do not know how we escaped without frostbite, but I do not advise anyone to do such a thing! The games children invent when their parents aren’t home! Those were the days!

And here, over decades, I found Wim Hof, aptly nicknamed Iceman, the man who can stand for hours in water filled with ice cubes. And that’s nothing. Read on and let us marvel at the performance of this truly extraordinary man!

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