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The World is Full of Colors – But Do You Know How Many?

As humans, we have some skills that seem so natural to us that we rarely think about them.

For example, sight. You probably thank heaven you have it, especially when you find out more about the difficulties of being blind. You remember something from the anatomy lessons. That’s about it.

But how many times have you felt grateful for… seeing colors? Have you ever wondered how many colors you can see? Do your friends see more colors than you? Or can you boast that nobody else sees the world in such beautiful colors like you do? (And I’m not referring to those days when you found your true love.)

Answers to such questions are more unexpected than you think. And they can even change the way you see the world.

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Attention! – All the Things You Never Knew about It

Man, almost starting from his birth, is asked to pay attention. First with jingling toys, then: “Be careful what you eat!”; “Be careful how you cross the street!”; “Pay attention to your lesson!”; “Check out that girl!”; “Be careful how you drive!”; “Watch the steps!”; “Are you still paying attention?”

Unlike animals, humans have a considerably increased attention capacity. No cat has watched “Seven Samurai” till the end.

But how focused are you? Less than you think. I’ll prove it to you right now! And I’ll tell you what you can do about it…

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Our Every Night Sleep Descended from Heavens

I bet you know a lot about that fish with whiskers and sweet flesh, anointed with oils and spices, that sleeps its eternal sleep on your plate. Maybe because nutrition is largely a conscious and controlled decision.

Maybe you somehow started concerning yourself with your breathing, although this is not in your conscious care, because breathing is a natural action anyway. Meanwhile you’ve found out that inadequate breathing can induce stress in the body, and some techniques may reduce it or eliminate it. So you can do something before on your own initiative about the way you breathe it’s too late.

But I bet sleeping quality doesn’t concern you. After all, you have no power against it. It beats you anyway and whatever happens to you after you fall prey to it, you have to accept. If you have no idea about this, even better. But sleeping, even though sets you on autopilot mode, is a programming thing before and after waking up.

Studying about nutrition and breathing, or doing anything that captivates you, given this quite cramped life you live, maybe you stole some time from sleeping, from the only place that you could get resources to stay awake even longer. Find out why you shouldn’t do this…

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Happiness + 40 Other Things You Can Learn from Children

Humans keep learning as long as they live. (Or at least they should…)

As you reach maturity, you search for the most renowned mentors and teachers, read books about personal development, and attend professional improvement trainings. Between all these endeavors, you forget about the simple things and the purest happiness that they give to you. Don’t you think so?

I dare you to take a few minutes to analyze your life (sounds serious, but it can be fun!), through the eyes of the child you were in the past. You can actually learn sincere happiness and 40 other things from the little ones!

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Things You Didn’t Know about These 7 Macroelements in Your Body

For the past several days you have been feeling weak and don’t feel like doing anything. It’s funny, you know yourself, you consider yourself an active person, but still something disturbs you. So you nervously enter the hospital’s doors, gloomy thoughts running through your mind. Maybe there was something in the water, or maybe the dog picked up some kind of virus on its latest walk. You have no idea where to go.

You go to the doctor’s office, tell your story, convinced that something is different than how it used to be. It has to be a disease. So, you expect it to be treated. You expect, at least, a perfusion. The doctor listens to you, patiently. Thus, you have found a good doctor.

After you finish your story, guess what? The doctor taps you on the shoulder and advises that you take a potassium supplement. Well, you can find it anywhere, in every kind of food. How important can it be that it can create so many problems?

Let’s find out what these, apparently tiny, elements, with an enormous role, really are.

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