Star Wars Main Theme

Star Wars Theme in 18 (More and More Surprising) Versions

Playing the… container ship – MSC Zoe

If you feel like an interpretation is never too metal, this one should be to your heart’s content.

MSC Zoe, alongside with its predecessors MSC Oscar and MSC Oliver, is the largest container ship in the world. The metallic colossus is 395.4 m in length and 59 m in width 1)MSC Zoe” in Wikipedia.

On 1 August 2015, when it first entered the port of Hamburg, MSC Zoe began to… sing. Guess what!

Playing the glasses – Jamey Turner

If you think this isn’t music for the next time you have glasses in front of you, take a look at this!

Jamey Turner is one of those musicians who plays the water glasses. Including the “Star Wars” theme.

Playing the bagpipe – Unipiper

A guy who wears a kilt and plays a piece of music on a bagpipe is quite original.

If he’s also wearing Darth Vader’s mask and sending flames out of his bagpipe, you’re starting to regret that you didn’t become a Jedi when you had the chance.

You can see him wandering through Portland. And it that wasn’t strange enough, he’s riding a unicycle. That’s why he goes by the name of Unipiper. Is he great or gruesome?

8-bit Star Wars

Do you remember 8-bit video games? If yes, you can turn on the nostalgia’s tap.

Here’s what the “Star Wars” theme sounds like in a Nintendo Entertainment System game from the ’80s:


You are a Star Wars fan, but, d’oh, you have to grow up at some point. At least a bit, anyway. You have your own family, your own kids…

If you play your children the Star Wars soundtrack, they either froze or start crying. But it doesn’t seem like a lullaby, that’s a sure thing.

There is hope, though: “Baby Wars – Star Wars Lullaby Version”. With this album, even you can fall asleep like a true fan:

As you can see, a good piece of music is full of resources. But you can’t use them just like that. They have to be passed through the filter of another creative mind to infuse them with something of their own.

You’ll tell me that nothing compares to the original. And maybe you’re right. But it doesn’t matter.

The beautiful part about this isn’t the versions you hear, but the people who created them. For them, this is a way of being. There are some people who don’t take everything for granted. These are people who are really living. Because life is about transformation.

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1 MSC Zoe” in Wikipedia

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