Star Wars Main Theme

Star Wars Theme in 18 (More and More Surprising) Versions


Go ahead in time exactly 35 years. On 1 October 2012, in Wallrafplatz, Köln, the most reduced in size form of the Radio WDR Orchestra made its appearance: the conductor and a trumpeter.

You know how a flashmob is, you have to be patient:

Playing the drums – Marimba Mojo

With two marimbaphones and a xylophone, the Marimba Mojo band pushed the interpretation of the “Star Wars” theme to the edge of the impossible. It’s all about beating one’s brains.

Playing the violin – Pasha Maximov

The violins leave a strong mark on the score of “Star Wars”. But what would it sound like with a violin as the “main character”?

The violonist Pasha Maximov tried the exact same thing. He recorded a series of covers, arranged for violin, under the title of “Yucatan Wonders”. And that’s because he did the video footage surrounded by the spectacular background of a salt mine from the Yucatan peninsula.

Playing the harmonica – Luis Roman

You don’t need an entire orchestra to interpret the “Star Wars” theme. Not one single instrument from an orchestra, in fact. You can play it on harmonica. As Luis Roman proves it:

A cappella – N. McKaig

You don’t even need musical instruments to hum the “Star Wars” theme. (Go on, I know you can do it!)

Only that you can’t compare yourself to N. McKaig! After he recorded himself humming in 90 different ways, he mixed everything together. In a way, it’s like a choral version. On a single voice. Anyway, it’s insane!

The whole think took him about 300 hours. But it came out as something fantastic! It’s 100% his voice:

A cappella & beatboxing – Mr. Dooves

Mr. Dooves wanted to try for himself singing the “Star Wars” theme. He added a few simple effects of beatboxing. And some images from “Star Wars Battlefront”, for the sake of the atmosphere. Don’t you feel like taking it up yourself?! (I meant singing, not gaming!)

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