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Top 20 Beautiful, Famous, and Incredibly Smart Women

Clearly, it is a great advantage to be a beautiful woman. The doors open easier in all your paths. You get attention, which is increasingly difficult to obtain today.

Beauty is so desirable that it created a huge industry around it: clothing, shoes, cosmetics, fitness. In other words, much of the beauty can be bought. And largely, beauty is superficial.

Beauty, as appearance, steals the eye. Even the mind. When you see a superb girl, you don’t stand and ask yourself: “Yes, but is she smart?”

If a woman uses her beauty, her other qualities are secondary. Maybe just her artistic talent could prevail. Because talent is evenly matched by physical beauty. They are all part of the same attention game.

There are many prejudices about beautiful women. In some cases, maybe they are correct. But sometimes you happen to find out more about a celebrity and you realize that you got the wrong impression. “The dumb chick” is smarter than you. A lot smarter. Here are some examples…

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