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Smile – Composed by Charlie Chaplin, Performed by Michael Jackson

Have you ever wondered how little you know about the songs you listen to? Of course, sometimes you know the singer’s name, but even that you can’t always remember. It’s not even worth the risk to ask you about who composed the music or wrote the lyrics. Producers, arrangers, instrumentalists, backing vocals – “Are you kidding me?”

Despite what it looks like, a song doesn’t just come from nowhere. Sometimes it takes months, during which all these people have to run with a bat in their hands, chasing after inspiration and trying to squeeze some more notes out of it. Or, in some cases, it takes years for a song to be reborn. Somehow, it manages to break through.

During all this time, the song gets a story. And I’m not referring to what the song says, but to the story that remains untold. The story about the song’s life.

Let me show you what you’ve been missing! Let’s take the example of “Smile” – a song which should steal a smile from you. But it would most likely leave you with your mouth wide open.

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Star Wars Theme in 18 (More and More Surprising) Versions

Some films begin with such memorable songs, that once they get into your mind, you can’t get them out of there. Well, if only those math formulas would get in there so easily as well…

From James Bond to Pink Panther, I could go on enumerating several themes that get you instantaneously in the mood. But topping the list is the main theme of “Star Wars”. Even if you have been living “in a galaxy far, far away”, you couldn’t have missed its notes. Every single movie in the series begins with it.

Sometimes it’s referred to as “Luke’s Theme”, in a probably desperate attempt to give it a proper name. And that because in the original orchestral score, it bears the most ordinary name possible: “Overture”.

If you are a musician, you can get really frustrated for not being able to compose a similar piece of music. Instead, you can play around with it, transform it, give it a personal touch.

What can we get from that? Let’s listen to some different versions!

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The Music of James Bond – The Complete List

James Bond is not just a character. The concept proved itself to be a huge success. And why wouldn’t it be, after mixing together sophisticated secret agents, beautiful and intelligent women, action, mystery, fascinating places, beautiful cars…

But do you know one other thing that makes a movie unforgettable? A good theme.

Sometimes the theme is so great that it sticks in your mind. You may utterly forget about the movie itself, but about those bars – no way.

Let’s make a chronological incursion through ALL the music themes from the James Bond movies! We shall see how many of them you can recognize. You are in for some big surprises! (How about a very well-known hard-rock tune?!)

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Top 20 Beautiful, Famous, and Incredibly Smart Women

Clearly, it is a great advantage to be a beautiful woman. The doors open easier in all your paths. You get attention, which is increasingly difficult to obtain today.

Beauty is so desirable that it created a huge industry around it: clothing, shoes, cosmetics, fitness. In other words, much of the beauty can be bought. And largely, beauty is superficial.

Beauty, as appearance, steals the eye. Even the mind. When you see a superb girl, you don’t stand and ask yourself: “Yes, but is she smart?”

If a woman uses her beauty, her other qualities are secondary. Maybe just her artistic talent could prevail. Because talent is evenly matched by physical beauty. They are all part of the same attention game.

There are many prejudices about beautiful women. In some cases, maybe they are correct. But sometimes you happen to find out more about a celebrity and you realize that you got the wrong impression. “The dumb chick” is smarter than you. A lot smarter. Here are some examples…

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What Classical Composers Would Have Been Great Rockstars?

In a highly educated human society, people listen to classical music. You really need some basic knowledge to understand anything about the centuries-old music, just so you don’t get bored.

Others listen only to rock music. And when I say rock music, I’m not talking about Elvis, I’m talking about heavy metal. There are enough rock songs with lyrics about different medieval topics, but it’s a whole different genre.

But what about those who like both genres equally? Some made listening to both at the same time possible.

Can you imagine what classical music would have been like if great composers had electric guitars? Most likely, the history of rock music would’ve been longer than it already is.

But due to the fact that we haven’t yet discovered a way to send electric guitars back in time, let’s see how we can bring the music of the past in present days. Even if you’re not a rocker, I bet you’ll find this at least remarkable…

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