Miratico Manifesto

Another online publication?!”


Derived from the conviction and belief that we can do something very well.

The name of the new publication is Miratico – from the Latin mira, which means great, amazing, surprising.

To clarify our purpose, we begin by publishing the manifesto of our online publication Miratico:

  1. The world is wonderful. There are many extraordinary beings and things that deserve to be brought into the central spotlight.
  2. Research is fundamental. Information must be studied, understood, and analyzed before being published.
  3. Trust is empowering. There is so much misinformation circulating nowadays that we must make a point of supporting our claims with third-party verification.
  4. Clarity aids understanding. The presentation must be easy to understand, both for the content and the form; the unadulterated message must actually reach the public.
  5. The images complement the text. Technology had made visual expression so easy that plain text is incomplete on its own.
  6. Positive means beneficial. Much of the media is flooded with negative news and people don’t seem to realise it how bad this is – positive news is the way to create inspiration and happiness.
  7. Relaxation brings joy. Daily life can harden our outlook; try not to lose childish playfulness and innocence.
  8. Publishing implies a promise. Anything that gets the green light to interact with the public bears the subtext “I am worthy enough for you to deal with me!” – and this promise must be fulfilled.
  9. Time is precious. There is only a fixed amount in a day; reading an article must really be worth the time spent.
  10. Values brings change. At the end of a good article, the reader should be moved to make a change or to grow in some way.

PS. The word “manifest” is often associated with politics, but it is actually used in various fields: art, science, education etc. Here are some examples, among the most popular (with explanations at the bottom):

Article written by Lucian Velea
Lucian Velea is the founder of Miratico and many other online projects.

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