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69 Crazy Wedding Dress Ideas

All little girls dream of their wedding day. When they’re little, their fantasies start running around the groom, who, with no exception, is the spitting image of daddy. As they grow, their interest for the groom (who in the meantime can be someone else but daddy) moves in the background, totally eclipsed by the dress that will turn them from young princesses into queens.

Why is the wedding dress so important? Why does it become the center of gravity of the whole event? As this occasion allows her to live her dreams in the most ostentatious way, to shine more than ever, to focus upon her all the admiration of the entourage, and to reflect afterwards in all the splendor of her appearance.

When it comes to the model, any brides’ imagination irrupts. She begins to search, to find inspiration, to do permutations and combinations of n taken by k with different parts in different styles, ransacking and rummaging the huge virtual catalog in search for the unique, original, beautiful, expressive, challenging model… you name it, in one word, the perfect dress!

But sometimes fantasy goes beyond limits, crossing over the sacred and ceremonial perimeter of the event itself and soaring toward the unfenced areas of extravagance. Disproportionate, amazing, funny, or simply ridiculous, I present below a list of craziest ideas for wedding dresses, that you wouldn’t even imagine.

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Our Every Night Sleep Descended from Heavens

I bet you know a lot about that fish with whiskers and sweet flesh, anointed with oils and spices, that sleeps its eternal sleep on your plate. Maybe because nutrition is largely a conscious and controlled decision.

Maybe you somehow started concerning yourself with your breathing, although this is not in your conscious care, because breathing is a natural action anyway. Meanwhile you’ve found out that inadequate breathing can induce stress in the body, and some techniques may reduce it or eliminate it. So you can do something before on your own initiative about the way you breathe it’s too late.

But I bet sleeping quality doesn’t concern you. After all, you have no power against it. It beats you anyway and whatever happens to you after you fall prey to it, you have to accept. If you have no idea about this, even better. But sleeping, even though sets you on autopilot mode, is a programming thing before and after waking up.

Studying about nutrition and breathing, or doing anything that captivates you, given this quite cramped life you live, maybe you stole some time from sleeping, from the only place that you could get resources to stay awake even longer. Find out why you shouldn’t do this…

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