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Minions vs Superheroes – Which Are the Coolest?

In any story, more or less true, there are heroes. But for the story to be whole, it also needs other characters. Let’s call them “extras”.

It also happens that sometimes, extras attract attention and finish ahead of the real heroes. And earn the right to become heroes themselves.

So happened to the minions from “Despicable Me”.

The main character is Felonius Gru, a grumpy bald guy, V-shaped, which seems to have skipped a leg workout day. At first it looks selfish, being irritated by the 3 girls – which he adopted at the end. Gru never showed love for his servants – minions – preferring to be cold, but cold things can be good as well; for example, beer.

The minions make so many clumsy mistakes that should make them look undesirable. In spite of this, they’re charming and have an incredible power: they are themselves. Frequently getting everybody’s attention.

So they ended up having their own movie and now they are the heroes. But how would they compare to the famous superheroes?

Let’s do a case study. Let’s say I need to be saved. Who would I prefer to come to my rescue, a minion or a superhero?

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