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7 Fashion Shoes for Women from Centuries Ago

We have shoes with heels high as standing cats, fine sandals, and boots growing higher and higher. As seen on yesterday’s movie stars, high heels and gorgeous shoes last for some generations now. But what did our ancestors wear to impress men?

Actually, the traditional footwear of some nations is based on some natural science knowledge. Furthermore, despite the fact that the majority of them are as down-to-earth as they could be, you could find some geographical and historical elements within them.

There’s another very interesting aspect that can be seen when studying shoes (I feel like Polly McShane dealing with Lithuania and its spoons). If you take a look at each pair of shoes, they would seem very distinct and a difficult fit in the end. But if you take an overall look at all of the footwear, you’ll notice that they’re very similar to those of neighboring nations, other countries of the same continent, or you could recognize some similarities in nations from other continents.

Moreover, did you know that some century-old footwear was adapted and are underlying the ordinary summer flip-flops?

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What Classical Composers Would Have Been Great Rockstars?

In a highly educated human society, people listen to classical music. You really need some basic knowledge to understand anything about the centuries-old music, just so you don’t get bored.

Others listen only to rock music. And when I say rock music, I’m not talking about Elvis, I’m talking about heavy metal. There are enough rock songs with lyrics about different medieval topics, but it’s a whole different genre.

But what about those who like both genres equally? Some made listening to both at the same time possible.

Can you imagine what classical music would have been like if great composers had electric guitars? Most likely, the history of rock music would’ve been longer than it already is.

But due to the fact that we haven’t yet discovered a way to send electric guitars back in time, let’s see how we can bring the music of the past in present days. Even if you’re not a rocker, I bet you’ll find this at least remarkable…

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Top 10 Pranks on Teachers (the Last One is the Icing on the Cake)

When I was in high school, I had a naive neighbor that used to be the target of my little pranks. One morning, for example, she asked me why my parents accompanied me to school almost everyday. I answered, with a serious look, that I was running around playfully with a classmate during our break, when suddenly, I had a colossal collision with the teacher and she ended up with a broken leg. To avoid other “casualties”, I was thus guarded in shifts at my school by my parents. The neighbor… actually believed me. The truth was, however, of a less complicated nature: we all used the car because the family wanted to reach their destinations quicker.

In college, I started doing even more pranks. I actually hit the nail from the first one: I managed to “scare” my family, classmates, friends – old and new. The reality is, I was in a long-distance relationship. Based on this fact, I spread the word that I was getting married. Everyone took the bait, including my family. My parents had a very bad opinion about their “future son-in-law”, so the cruel fate separated us between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But on the day of the cancelled “wedding”, as a continuation of the prank, my ex called me to wish me a long-lasting marriage.

From then on I stopped doing pranks. Today I’m using April Fools, however, to announce the wackiest plans for my future, hoping that everyone will take it as a prank and no one will become hysterical enough about it to try and virtually stop me.

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Flow Hive – from the Hive to the Jar, an Invention of Millions (Literally)

Gods lick their fingers after they take delight in ambrosia. We mortals, content ourselves with an amazing product of nature: honey.

But have you ever put yourself in the bee’s place when collecting honey? Believe me, they do not enjoy themselves in these moments. Wouldn’t it bother you that after you worked so hard to prepare your food, here comes a giant and throws you out of your house, empties your pantry, and also produces some damage to you?

Recently, there was an invention made that changed things. Of course, it still leaves the bees without honey, but they escape the stress and damages. It’s a great invention that could revolutionize beekeeping. Is it attractive enough to read further? But that’s not all! Wait until you see what an incredible turn the story took!

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8 Women Who Really Know How to Take the Engine by the Horns

When it comes to women and engines, you imagine a girl sitting in the back. She may be just an accessory to the motorcycle, a trophy won by the leading male. Legend says that sometimes the accessories come to life and lead their own motorcycles. Surprise, some even surpass men in some respects.

Perhaps you’re thinking of how many female motorcyclists you saw on the street. However, there were few. But how many female moto champions have you heard of? How many girls riding on bikes impressed you? You have no idea of how many things the fair sex is able to do!

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