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7 Animals Whose Dream to Fly Came True (They Are Not Birds!)

The world is full of surprising creatures, from plants in spectacular shapes, to animals with out-of-the-ordinary habits. Had you spent every single day studying them, you surely wouldn’t get bored.

I suggest you set aside the cute kitty pictures (which you come across with anyway whenever you’re idly surfing the web), and discover something about some peculiar flying creatures.

Do you want to tell me that you already know which are the flying creatures?! First, we all think about birds. But there is nothing peculiar about a flying bird. Neither does a flying insect leave you with your mouth wide open in surprise. Still, there are some creatures which you can find up in the sky, although you wouldn’t expect to. You would think that they belong in the water, on earth, or climbed into some tree. But, they wanted to fly, and what you might think, didn’t stop them. I’m going to tell you about them right now.

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The Most Impressive Birds That Are Still Around Today

Sometimes we learn about people that go beyond the boundary of their dreams and eventually, their dreams come true. However, I don’t want to talk to you about them now, but about other creatures on the planet: birds.

And not just any kinds of birds! You’ll find out which birds are the most interesting in the world.

Many of them we will never get to see live, neither you, nor me. They live elsewhere or are very rare. That does not prevent us from marveling at their existence. So we can often remember that there is more beauty in the world. We just need to want to see it. Maybe you will get out your binoculars and go observe, in nature, any kind of bird you’re lucky to encounter.
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Sky Masters – The Largest Birds of Prey

While people are wary of financial crisis and genetically modified foods, some animals must beware of the troubles falling from the sky.

These are birds of prey, which destroy without mercy and without remorse. They are so strong that they are rarely taken down by other animals. And if being strong is not enough, they are also very big! They kill in different ways and have varied food preferences.

Read on if you want to find out which birds are masters of the sky!

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Flying Reptiles, from History’s Depths until Today

Many huge birds lived on Earth. Some were so big that our perception can’t even begin to describe them. Can you imagine a bird with a wingspan as large as a soccer goal?! Yes, it really existed!

Yet such a “feathered airplane” is not the largest flying creature that ever existed. You’re probably asking yourself: If not a bird, then what?! Well, the answer is amazing:

A flying reptile!

Flying reptiles? Are there such things?! Reptiles aren’t just crawlers that everyone is afraid of. Now, I’m not talking about flying iguanas, but more so about pterosaurs. That’s what reptiles that dominated the skies of Triassic were called, that was until the end of Cretaceous. Pterosaurs could be seen above the ground hundreds of millions of years ago. However, they seem to have totally disappeared 66 million years ago.

Isn’t it true that when someone says the word fly, the first thing you think about is birds, then airplanes, but never reptiles? And yet, the first flying vertebrates were not birds, but rather reptiles. Their wings were fibrous membranes with which they could move without touching the ground. But you can make up your own mind about how much they resemble lizards and today’s birds, especially after I introduce you to a few species that might leave you speechless.

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The Largest Birds Currently Extinct (More Than You Could Imagine)

What would you do if you could travel in time? What moment from the past would you choose? I think I know the first answer that comes to mind! I would also like to relive a moment from my past and do things differently, but this is not what I am referring to.

I was thinking about a return to more distant times. How was life on Earth several million years ago? This is the period I would like us to visit together.

Only the imagination, for now! I have not yet discovered a time machine to take us there.

And if we get there, at least we know that not everything that glitters is gold. Or that not all birds fly (but we already knew that).

Let’s see which are the largest birds currently extinct. I will not rank the birds, because each, in its own way, is great – just like you can not compare half a ton to 7 meters. But I will give you a lot of astonishing details about these magnificent creatures. That way we’ll know which ones to beware of if we really ever travel in time. Or which ones to befriend!

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