Star Wars Theme in 18 (More and More Surprising) Versions

Some films begin with such memorable songs, that once they get into your mind, you can’t get them out of there. Well, if only those math formulas would get in there so easily as well…

From James Bond to Pink Panther, I could go on enumerating several themes that get you instantaneously in the mood. But topping the list is the main theme of “Star Wars”. Even if you have been living “in a galaxy far, far away”, you couldn’t have missed its notes. Every single movie in the series begins with it.

Sometimes it’s referred to as “Luke’s Theme”, in a probably desperate attempt to give it a proper name. And that because in the original orchestral score, it bears the most ordinary name possible: “Overture”.

If you are a musician, you can get really frustrated for not being able to compose a similar piece of music. Instead, you can play around with it, transform it, give it a personal touch.

What can we get from that? Let’s listen to some different versions!

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The Truth about Black Friday (Practical Tips Included)

Black Friday. When you hear this, you either are excited, thinking that the moment to buy what you’ve wanted for so long, but you couldn’t afford it, has arrived, or you begin swearing hard at the consumerism, whose sole purpose is to empty the pockets of hard-working people.

Leaving feelings aside, Black Friday does exist. Just like the autumn rains. Or the changing of the time zone. Or the colds.

And if it actually exists, then it is good to know what you have to do in a situation like this one. So, I’m going to tell you what others are not so willing to share. Along with its ups and downs.

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18+ Amazing Records Set with Lego Pieces (No Exaggeration)

When you hear someone talking about Lego, the first thing that comes to your mind are those tiny bricks that fit together so well. You can make all sorts of toys out of them. They don’t seem like a good source for breaking any record though.

Still, in the Lego world, records are being broken very often. Even the Lego Group is a record itself: the largest toy manufacturer in the world. It wouldn’t have come so far without having the cults of performance and pushing its own limits.

But leaving the business’ successes aside, these little pieces lead to breaking some astonishing records. If you think that I’m exaggerating, let me share some of them with you and then we’ll talk!

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All about James Bond (Classified Information Included)

If you haven’t been living on another planet, you must have heard about James Bond. He is the most famous secret agent in the world. (What a paradox!)

He is the nightmare of all villains. He’s always dressed to the nines. Women fall for him quicker than you can say “007”. But besides that, what do you really know about him? I bet not that much.

He is a mysterious character, but you wouldn’t be too surprised if you saw him in the flesh. He lives on the border between fact and fiction.

Let me introduce you to a more humanlike James Bond. I’ll give you plenty of lesser known details, which are surprisingly interesting. (But you didn’t hear about them from me. I care about my life.)

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Heidi Klum – The Queen of Halloween Parties

Halloween is a horror celebration – some of us take pleasure in those funny scares, while others are terrified at having to go through all of this yet again. The fact is that it can’t be ignored.

Essentially, Halloween is a religious celebration; All Hallows’ Evening (the Evening of All Saints). It has been celebrated for centuries in many parts of the world. Those who have departed from us, be they well-known or lesser-known, are commemorated. Sometimes with great sorrow.

Only that, in the United States, things have turned out to be quite different. It gradually transformed into a funny celebration. The best occasion to make fun of all those scares, demons and everything that haunts us (literally speaking more or less).

The dress-up part is one of the best parts of Halloween. Many people really seem to enjoy it. But nobody does it better than Heidi Klum. This woman has taken dressing-up to a whole new level. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see for yourself…

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