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The Truth about Black Friday (Practical Tips Included)

Black Friday. When you hear this, you either are excited, thinking that the moment to buy what you’ve wanted for so long, but you couldn’t afford it, has arrived, or you begin swearing hard at the consumerism, whose sole purpose is to empty the pockets of hard-working people.

Leaving feelings aside, Black Friday does exist. Just like the autumn rains. Or the changing of the time zone. Or the colds.

And if it actually exists, then it is good to know what you have to do in a situation like this one. So, I’m going to tell you what others are not so willing to share. Along with its ups and downs.

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18+ Amazing Records Set with Lego Pieces (No Exaggeration)

When you hear someone talking about Lego, the first thing that comes to your mind are those tiny bricks that fit together so well. You can make all sorts of toys out of them. They don’t seem like a good source for breaking any record though.

Still, in the Lego world, records are being broken very often. Even the Lego Group is a record itself: the largest toy manufacturer in the world. It wouldn’t have come so far without having the cults of performance and pushing its own limits.

But leaving the business’ successes aside, these little pieces lead to breaking some astonishing records. If you think that I’m exaggerating, let me share some of them with you and then we’ll talk!

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Lego – 25 Surprising Steps to Success

We were all fascinated, at least once, by Lego. Those little pieces have something paradoxical: you can build anything out of them, although not closely resembling anything. But here is where the magic lies! Basically, the Lego pieces can make a “skeleton” for imagination. And children are very good at this!

But what do you know about Lego? Some parts can be combined, they’re sold in sets, all children want them, and… not much else.

Whether you like to play with Lego or not, what follows will interest you. Because Lego is not just a toy. It also means family business, inventions, computers, mathematics, cinema, creativity, madness…

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69 Crazy Wedding Dress Ideas

All little girls dream of their wedding day. When they’re little, their fantasies start running around the groom, who, with no exception, is the spitting image of daddy. As they grow, their interest for the groom (who in the meantime can be someone else but daddy) moves in the background, totally eclipsed by the dress that will turn them from young princesses into queens.

Why is the wedding dress so important? Why does it become the center of gravity of the whole event? As this occasion allows her to live her dreams in the most ostentatious way, to shine more than ever, to focus upon her all the admiration of the entourage, and to reflect afterwards in all the splendor of her appearance.

When it comes to the model, any brides’ imagination irrupts. She begins to search, to find inspiration, to do permutations and combinations of n taken by k with different parts in different styles, ransacking and rummaging the huge virtual catalog in search for the unique, original, beautiful, expressive, challenging model… you name it, in one word, the perfect dress!

But sometimes fantasy goes beyond limits, crossing over the sacred and ceremonial perimeter of the event itself and soaring toward the unfenced areas of extravagance. Disproportionate, amazing, funny, or simply ridiculous, I present below a list of craziest ideas for wedding dresses, that you wouldn’t even imagine.

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Minions vs Superheroes – Which Are the Coolest?

In any story, more or less true, there are heroes. But for the story to be whole, it also needs other characters. Let’s call them “extras”.

It also happens that sometimes, extras attract attention and finish ahead of the real heroes. And earn the right to become heroes themselves.

So happened to the minions from “Despicable Me”.

The main character is Felonius Gru, a grumpy bald guy, V-shaped, which seems to have skipped a leg workout day. At first it looks selfish, being irritated by the 3 girls – which he adopted at the end. Gru never showed love for his servants – minions – preferring to be cold, but cold things can be good as well; for example, beer.

The minions make so many clumsy mistakes that should make them look undesirable. In spite of this, they’re charming and have an incredible power: they are themselves. Frequently getting everybody’s attention.

So they ended up having their own movie and now they are the heroes. But how would they compare to the famous superheroes?

Let’s do a case study. Let’s say I need to be saved. Who would I prefer to come to my rescue, a minion or a superhero?

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